GRAFFITI – Wraitterin käsikirja
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GRAFFITI-workshops available
Interested in graffiti? Would you like to paint graffiti with an experienced guide? You will learn the basics of graffiti and its cultural history and of course you will sketch and paint your own graffiti-piece. All workshops can be customized to meet your knowledge, interest and participants’ age and needs. Author of GRAFFITI – Wraitterin käsikirja (Writer’s handbook) Juho Toiskallio will guide you through the process. Juho Toiskallio is a visual artist, graphic designer and has a lifetime experience in writing and painting graffiti and the whole culture around it. Contact:

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GRAFFITI – Wraitterin käsikirja (Writer’s handbook) explains what graffiti is and how to do it. For now, the book is published with text in Finnish only. 

The book introduces necessary materials and tools and sheds light on the various stages of making graffiti from sketching and design to implementation and documentation in many ways. Action photos by photographers familiar with graffiti take reader straight to the writing and painting situation. As an introduction to the topic is a journey from 1960s New York to Finland today. A representation of Finnish graffiti is provided by photos and thoughts collected from more than 50 Finnish graffiti writers.

Author of the book, Juho Toiskallio, is a visual artist, graphic designer and long-time graffiti enthusiast.

Cover photo: Sauli Sirviö

Finnish graffiti writers involved in book:
Aie, Arrow, Berg, Clir, Cover, Dusty, Egs, Eman, Ezoo, Frank, Fresh, Fuse, Heart, Hel, Isee, Isop, Jash, Jeans, Jpot, Kap, Kiss, Krylon, Mors, MoveTSL, Ngli, Night, Nyce, Octo, Oiler, Omos, Ora, Osek, Pallo, Pims, Puz, Ray52, Rie, Romeo, Rudeboy, Seis, Shazmo, Sign, Skin, Skulls, Sleeze, Smell, Spugepasi, StayUp, TaikaJim, Tazer, Trama, Vamp, Victa, Votka, Wado, Wild, Yase, Zek, Zrone.

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Juho Toiskallio, GRAFFITI – Wraitterin käsikirja (Moreeni) / Finnish text / 210×260 / 192 pages / Hardcover / May 2020 / Photos: Juho Toiskallio, Sauli Sirviö, Essi Suomi, writers / ISBN 978-951-1-34216-8 

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